Know all Men by these Presents that I Charles Hutchings of Dartmouth for and in con

sideration of the Sum of Five pounds, to me in hand paid by William Pendergast of Cape Broyle

Newfoundland, at or before the sealing and delivery of these Presents and also the further Sum

of Four Pounds paid by the sd Wm Pendergast unto the said Chas. Hutchings his Heirs, Ex’ors

adm’ors or Assigns on or before the twentieth day of May next ensuing, Have bargained, sold

 released, granted and confirmed by these Presents, Do sell, bargain, release & confirm

unto the said Wm Pendergast all that fishing room & Plantation known by the name of Thomson’s

Room at the North side of Cape Broyle adjoining a Room on the East side known by the name of xx

Butler’s by the main path 440 feet course to the waterside S.S.W. To have and to hold all

& singular the Plantation or Fishing Room aforementioned and every of them by these Presents

bargained and & unto the only proper use and benefit of the said Wm Pendergast his Executors and

Administrators and Assigns for ever freely, quietly, peaceably & entirely without any contradiction

claim disturbance or hindrance of any Person whatsoever, so that within [?] I the said Charles

Hutchings or any Person for me or in my name any right title interest or demand of into

or for the said Plantation or fishing premises & or any part or parcel thereof right to exact

challenge or demand at any time or times hereafter but from Action, Right, Estate, Title,

Claim, Demand possession and Interest thereof shall be wholly barr’d & excluded by

these Presents of which the sd  fishing room & Plantation & The said Chas Hutchings  has

put the said Wm Pendergast in full possession at the sealing and delivery hereof. – In Witness

I have hereunto put my Hand and Seal in Cape Broyle NewfndLand the Ninth day of November

One thousand eight hundred & thirty one. ----------


                                                                                    Chas. Hutchings                      [SEAL]


Sign’d Seal’d & Deliver’d

in presence of --------------

William Norris

John Rossiter