16 Fern Ave.                                                                              Ferryland

Ottawa, 3 Ontario                                                                        Mar. 11, '59

Dear Tom & Ev.

I received your welcome letter yesterday, also the drapes [ for the "Wee Hoose"]. Ev they are lovely. Thank you very much for them.

Well we are enduring the worst winter I ever remember. & today we have a NE & Snow about fifty an hour. That & the strike, & the lies in the Mainland papers over the Radio are hard to take. What lies. Practically every one is behind Joey [Smallwood] and some one should shoot Ladd, Hoffa's agent. They will go to all lengths to beat Joe, for if he wins other provinces will follow suit, as they want to get clear of the Teamsters Union.

Yes Tom t'would be nice to get in to Bread and Cheese again. I've longed to go there all this winter, as the bearing is wonderful. But I'm afraid to go. Do you remember those lovely frosty days I brought you and Reg in there, & I saw how you both enjoyed it? Fellows thought I was crazy to bring little kids like you & Reg away in there in the frost. But I knew you enjoyed it more so, as 'twas a day from school. Therefore a double holiday. Do you remember the big bank of snow that was to the foot of the Hawk's Nest one time we went in? & the day Bill Slaney loaded the horse slide up on Bread and Cheese & got between the shafts to haul it down. 'Twas a miracle he escaped that time.

The ponds are frozen almost to the bottom this year, & those that were in did not have any luck. I only went for one sleigh drive this winter. Took Paula and a couple of her girl friends with her. Also a couple of days I brought kids in the farm. There was wonderful sliding in there. Its been a great winter for the kids; lots of sliding and skating. Reminded me of the old time winters; & what fun we had. (The best things of life are still free) down here anyway.

My Rheumatism is something better. I hope it goes when it gets warmer. I don't think I'll go away till the early fall and then spend the winter away. I hope you all will get down again this year. Poor old Reg, he's sure up against it. He had to get a car, & then Gladys being sick will take a lot of money, and he possibly won't make it for a long time.

I was partly sick when I went to the Reunion. The car got a flat and went in to Courtenay Garage to get if changed. I got out to stretch my legs when I got the pain. I said to Gerald Hynes I've got an awful pain, watch me. I walked over to lean over the bonnet of the car but never reached it. When I came to they were bringing me into the house to get a doctor. First I saw was Tom Hynes, & such a look on his face. When he saw me smile he said, my God skipper I thought you were gone. Someone told How I was dead, had died in the garage. He came out to Phyl's, & when he saw me he put his arms around me and cried like a baby. Poor kid, he got an awful fright. I never felt anything since. But that's why I'm not too fond of travelling now. Don't want to give folks trouble. Anyway I don't expect to pack up yet for a little while. No I'm not working too hard, just enough for exercise, & to pass the time away. It must be just awful not to have anything to do when you are old.

I'm sending you my photo. Didn't like to put it off any longer. You can put my age 74 on it if you wish. Write soon. Love, Dad. Remember me to all the children. Will be thinking of the lovely drive around Ottawa when the spring comes. Love, Dad.