16 Fern Ave.                                                                                    Ferryland

Ottawa, 3 Ontario                                                                             July 9, '59

Dear Tom & Ev.

I received your letters & was delighted to hear from you, & also to thank you for the Father's Day gift which was nice of you to remember me & that was what Father's Day was meant for, to write him, & let him know you remember him. Not to put a load on your sons and daughters expecting or wanting presents from them.

Well we had a lovely summer last week, two days, the rest of the time gales of wind & cold. Fish very scarce, most of the traps have none, & the trawl men can't get to haul with gales of wind. Hope t'will soon get better. All the fishermen from Cappahayden to Cape Broyle can't keep the Plant at Fermeuse running. 160,000 lbs., about 500 qtls. [quintals] a day, & that's a small lot of fish.

I had an awful attack of Rheumatism in the neck and shoulders. Couldn't sit with the pain, even if I just opened my hands. But got the doctor to come down and he gave me the needle and some pills & after four or five days 'twas gone completely. This doctor we have now is from Maritimes. He's young, very dark, half Spanish & half French. People like him a lot.

George Crosby & Sandy Laurence were just in, on their way to the Cape Shore. They stayed for a couple of hours.

Oh yes Tom, the ex pupils of the school are getting donations from all the ex pupils to build something for the Presentation Nuns. A statue or something. Send your donation to Mrs. Dan Ryan, the Poole, Ferryland. They have contacted a lot of the pupils away, & have collected a nice bit of money I believe.

Was at a wedding at the Crystal Palace last week. About three O'clock some one started an argument & the drinks were shut off. Phyl & I went to the Legion & finished about 1 AM. Was a lovely time. Had several dances in both places. Good music and rum are a wonderful combination to help shake off Rheumatism. I must have been feeling pretty good. For when Pat was pressing my suit for the Queen's visit, she got a handkerchief all lipstick in one pocket, & a necklace in the other. Of course 'twas no use me denying any knowledge of it, no one would believe me. Eventually we found that they were Freddy's, so I was exonerated.

I'm glad to hear Reg is going on holidays. Its Gladys' birthday on the 12th & I forgot to get her a card. Guess I'll write instead, & that reminds me Ev, I don't know your birthday. When is it?

Seems strange for me to keep in out of the rain I always loved rain & storms. But its keep in or Rheumatism. Jim Meade has taken to the bed with Rheumatism. That's a mistake, it will only get worse. Uncle John is getting awful fat. He eats too much. He puffs & blows now walking along the road.

Well I'm going away for the winter I think. I'll spend two months in California. I guess the first two or maybe go to the mainland first then California & then back to Canada for the spring. What do you think? let me know.

Remember me to the kids. Write soon again. Love Dad.