NOTE: The letter which follows was written by Dad Morry on one of those blue British aerogramme forms while he was in Scotland several months before he died. He returned home from Scotland and died in Ferryland on February 8, 1972. I believe this may have been the last letter he wrote, at least to my parents. At this age (in his 87th year) his handwriting had deteriorated badly, so many sections are not legible at all. I have only copied the sentences that I am sure of. In fact the address on the outside was written in such a shaky hand that the post office had great difficulty reading it, as notations show, but they did manage to deliver it finally. Doubtful if today's postal "service would take the time and trouble. C. Morry 16/06/02

Mr. & Mrs. Thos. G. Morry                                                                     Edinburgh

16 Fern Avenue                                                                                        Oct. 24, '71



Hello Tom & Ev.

Have not heard from you since I came over. This is Sunday. in a row I didn't get out...this week. I have Rheumatism in my right foot real bad sometimes. Can't get to walk at all hardly. Didn't have it for about a month after I came over. If it does not quit I will soon have to go home as I cannot walk any distance at all. I saw some of my friends down in the gardens [Princes Street Gardens] a couple of times but twice more they were not there as its getting cold and they don't go out as much as they did. Was in to Chrissie's [Christine Taylor; his grand niece] the first two weeks was over here. They have a lovely home, a big back garden where I used to read or take an exercise every day. I'm writing this on my ... and its too early to ... up yet. Boy they are having a hell of a time over in Ireland [?] and it is getting worse instead of better. Its costing the British govt. plenty. Henry Walsh and his wife were in to see me the other night. They were down to a wedding. They both look very well. See René is selling off one of his businesses; was too much on his hands. I expect Mark has a business of his own. Bill came second in nomination. He is lucky I think as he'd have a gang around his door night and day. Did not get any news month or six weeks...?

If my legs don't soon get better I'll go home before Xmas. I should have really stayed home. Chris told me to think well before I came over...

I'm having a nice time but I find it hard getting on the buses. They don't give much time to get on or off. Chris is pretty good. Chrissie and her husband have a lovely home.

Howard is...guess it will cost him a bit more. The weather is bad. He only got nine partridge and a few rabbits. How are all the family. Well I hope. I hope there does not be a big snow fall before I make a move. There is a lot of people out of work now and the Common Market is a very ... proposition. I'd say there are an awful lot of folks for and against it ....

I hope you'll get to read this as my hand is shaky today. Bye to you all now.

Love. Dad.