Know All Men by these presents

that I Matthew Morry of Dartmouth in the

County of Devon, Merchant, Partner in the House

of Matthew Morry & Co. and Agent for the said

House in this Island of Newfoundland, for diverse

good Causes and Considerations as hereunto

moveing [?], have made, ordained, authorised,

constituted and appointed, and by these presents

do make, ordain, authorise, constitute and

appoint Matthew Morry ( my true & lawful Son)

of Dartmouth, in the County of Devon, but now

resideing at Caplin Bay in the aforesaid

Island of New&Land) my true and lawful

attorney for me and in my Name, place

and stead and to and for my Accounts use

and benefit, to make sale and dispose of

barter or Exchange as may be most condu-

cive to my Interests all my Property of

every denomination in the said Island of

Newfoundland, also to let or hire all

my Rooms, Boats or Crafts that I have

any Interest in and that may appear

for my Benefit --------------------------


Also for me, in my name and to and for my

use and Benefit, to ask, demand, sue for

recover, and receive of and from all persons

whomsoever all such Sum or Sums of

Money, debts, loans or Effects whatsoever

which they or either of them are or stand

indebted to me and on payment thereof

for me and in my Name to give Release

acquittances and discharges for the same

and on non payment thereof, by attachments,

suits, Bills, plaints or otherwise or to compane [?]

agree [?] for liquidate and settle the same

by arbitration or otherwise as my said

Attorney shall think proper and generally

to do all such other lawful acts, matters and

things as shall be needful or necessary

for the accomplishment of these presents

and one attorney or more under him

for the purpose aforesaid to make and

at pleasure to remake.----

                                         Ratifying and

hereby allowing and confirming for valid

all and whatsoever my said attorney or

his Substitutes shall lawfully do or cause

to be done in and about the Premises

aforesaid by these presents. --------------


 And furthermore in case of my Death

or any accident happening to me such

as being Captured by the Enemy, you are

to hold all my property in your possession

until all tradesman Bills are paid, my

Accounts Current with my partner Walter

Prideaux finally and justly settled, and finally

until you receive a Legal Copy of my

Will that it may be distributed according.

                     In Witness whereof I have

hereunto set my Hand & Seal in

Caplin Bay this Sixth day of

 November in the year of our Lord

One Thousand, Eight Hundred and Thirteen.



Signed, Sealed and                  }

delivered in the presence of    }            Matthew Morry

                                                              [His Seal]

Nichl. Brand

Wm. Sweetland