Trust Deed

Ann Morey Winsor

[NB: The name Morey was struck out and Winsor substituted]


Thomas G. Morey

[NB: Throughout the document the name Morry was misspelled]


November 29 1881



Registrar's Office Southern District

Registered on the Fifteenth day of December AD 1881 in the Sixth Volume of the Registry of Deeds for the District aforesaid pages 59 and 60

H. J. Wood




St. John's } William F. Patterson of

To wit } St. John's aforesaid accountant

Maketh oath and sayeth that he was present and

did see Ann Winsor and Thomas G.

Morry the parties named in the within

Indenture duly execute the same

Swore before me at St. John's } William F. Patterson

This 15th day of }

December A D 1881

H. J. Wood





This indenture made at Saint Johns in the Island of Newfoundland this twenty ninth day of November Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and eighty one Between Ann Winsor of Saint Johns aforesaid widow of the one part and Thomas G. Morey of Ferryland merchant of the other part witnesseth that for and in Consideration of the sum of one dollar in hand well and truly paid to her the said Ann Winsor by the said Thomas G. Morey the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged she the said Ann Winsor hath granted bargained sold assigned transferred and set over and by these presents doth grant bargain sell assign transfer and set over unto the said Thomas G. Morey his executors administrators and assigns all her right title and interest in to and out of all those messuages lands tenements Hereditaments and premises at present in possession of John Morey situate lying and being in Ferryland aforesaid and comprised within the following limits or boundaries. That is to say bounded on the north west by the high road leading to Caplin Bay and on the south south west by a certain rock in the harbour of Ferryland aforesaid Called "Anchor rock" on the south by the Harbor on the south East by property of Robert Holdsworth and on the north north East by the sea shore of Caplin Bay aforesaid together with all messuages outhouses stores flakes buildings erections yards gardens meadows and appurtenances whatsoever to the same belonging or in Anguire Appertaining or reputed as part or parcel thereof and all the Estate right title interest property claim and demand whatsoever either at law or in Equity of them the said John Morey and Peter Paint Le Messurier with all reversions and rights to reversions and remainder or remainders and all plans deeds evidences and documents which in Anguire relate to the said premises or any part thereof. To Have and to Hold the same unto the said Thomas G. Morey his executors administrators and assigns for ever Subject nevertheless to the trusts interests and purposes hereinafter set forth, that is to say upon Trust that he the said Thomas G. Morey shall hold the said messuage lands and premises aforesaid for the use behalf and benefit of Florence B. Morey Alice W. Morey Victoria Francis Morey and Jane Josephine Morey whilst they remain single and unmarried And upon the Marriage of the said Florence B. Morey Alice W. Morey Victoria Francis Morey and Jane Josephine Morey or their death then the said lands messuages tenements and all and singular the premises to be the property of Thomas G. Morey his heirs executors administrators and assigns in whom the same shall Vest forever.

In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals at Saint Johns in the Island of Newfoundland this 29th day of November AD 1881.

Signed Sealed

and delivered in }

the presence of }

William F. Patterson

(having been first read

and explained).


Ann Winsor x Her mark ]

Thomas G. Morry ]

Editorial Note: The legal clerk who prepared this indenture document copied it virtually verbatim from the indenture signed between John Morry and Peter Paint LeMessurier, on the one part, and Ann Winsor, on the other part in 1853, in which the Holdsworth lands were originally sold by the Morrys to the Windsors. In so doing the clerk made two errors that were not corrected at the time of signing in 1881. First he indicated that the lands were presently in the hands of John Morey and Peter Paint LeMessurier; ignoring the obvious spelling error in the Morry family name, this was the ownership in 1853 but in 1881 the lands were in the hands of Ann Winsor, not John Morry and Peter Paint LeMessurier. Second, the clerk clearly writes the word "Anguire", not once, but twice: " Anguire Appertaining..." and " Anguire relate to...". A careful search of legal dictionaries failed to disclose the meaning of this obscure term. Instead, scrutinising the earlier document drafted in 1853 in a florid hand writing clearly revealed the error as it shows that these phrases actually read: " any wise appertaining..." and " any wise related to..."!